Guardian Council releases 12 Criteria for a Candidates

The Guardian Council has released its twelve criteria for the presidential candidates for this election. In addition to the military rank condition, which will exclude Saeed Mohammad, the age restriction of 40-75, which will exclude Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi and Mohammad Gharazi, and the criminal record condition, which will exclude Mostafa Tajzadeh, the conditions also include not being affiliated with the 2009 “sedition”, meaning having shown now support for the protests during the disputed election result of that year.  

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Gharazi: The Iranian Nation does not Welcome the Military

Mohammad Gharazi said in an interview today that the Iranian people have learnt from history and they will not welcome a military candidate. Gharazi pointed to history as a warning: “Everything that was achieved in the Constitutional Revolution was destroyed by the military coup led by Reza Khan, and everything that the people achieved in the 1940s was destroyed by the Zahedi coup”. Gharazi presents himself as an independent candidate opposed to factionalism and cliques.

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Gharazi: If I Become President, I Will Reduce Inflation to Zero

Independent candidate Mohammad Gharazi stated in an interview that if elected, he would reduce inflation to zero. Inflation has long been a problem for the Iranian economy, due to sanctions and economic mismanagement. When asked how he would achieve this, Gharazi said that he would “deprive the rent-seekers of political power; the political, economic and nefarious rent-seekers must be pushed back so that the people can take their place, and this is a very simple step”. Gharazi was previously a surprise candidate in the 2013 election who made similar claims then as now.

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