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Dr Abbas Farasoo wins the 2023 APSA PhD Thesis Prize

We would like to congratulate Dr Abbas Farasoo for winning the 2023 Australian Political Studies Association PhD Thesis Prize which is awarded annually to the best PhD dissertation in political science, broadly defined. Dr Farasoo researched ‘The Impacts of Proxy War on Afghanistan’ at Deakin University. The award was formally announced at the APSA 2023 Conference Dinner on November 29.  Learn More

TRT World – Why does the US unequivocally support Israel?

Shahram Akbarzadeh from Deakin University talks to TRT World about the US stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict and how its support for Israel affects its relations with the Arab world.  Watch Now

Blinken returns to the Middle East seeking restraint

On his latest trip to Israel on Friday (3 Nov), US Secretary of State Antony Blinken plans to meet Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to voice solidarity but also to reassert the need to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties. Joining us to share his analysis is Prof Shahram Akbarzadeh, Convenor for the Middle East Studies Forum, at Deakin University.  Listen Now

Australia needs to speak-up

To say that Israel has been an occupying power since 1967 and has violated its obligations toward the occupied people of Palestine under international law is not an opinion. It is a fact. And it diminishes Australia’s international standing to suggest otherwise. This article was published in  Read Article

US airstrikes heighten concerns about conflict spreading

Heightening concerns about a wider conflict erupting  in the middle east — American fighter jets launched airstrikes on two targets inside Syria, which the United States says are linked to Iran.  Listen

Despite its inflammatory rhetoric, Iran is unlikely to attack Israel. Here’s why

Iran’s potential entry into the Gaza war would open a new chapter in hostilities between the enemies – and take the war directly to Iran’s doorstep.

By Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh.  Read article

On Gaza, Australia Should Show That Respect for International Humanitarian Law is Not Selective

Australia should stay true to its track record of promoting the international rule of law and counsel Israel to show restraint in Gaza. Only by adhering to the norms of humanitarian law, can the ongoing bloodshed by aborted.

By Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh and Dr Arif Saba.  Read article

CNA- Israel to set up an interim government in Gaza

CNA’s Syahida Othman talks to Deakin University Professor Ihsan Yilmaz about the future of Gaza as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues. With Israel planning to set up a new security regime in Gaza, he argues that Hamas has some support of Gazans and it would be challenging to impose another administration.  View online

ABC – Hundreds reportedly killed in Gaza hospital explosion

To Gaza where an explosion at a hospital has reportedly killed hundreds of Palestinians. It’s not clear who was responsible for the blast, the Israeli defence force has denied it fired the missile but the incident with its large-scale casualties has made the circumstances of US President Joe Biden’s trip to Israel even more complicated.  View online

WION – Israel-Palestine war

The war is raging between Israel and Hamas and attacks from both sides are intensifying. It’s now a week since Israel declared war on Hamas after an unprecedented ground air and sea assault by the militants over the weekend. The death toll continues to mount on both sides over 1,300 Israelis and over 1,500 Palestinians have lost their lives so far. To know more watch this interview with Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh, who is a convenor at Middle East Studies Forum. View online

Book Launch: Handbook of Middle East Politics

This Handbook uses a comprehensive study of political institutions, social movements and external pressures to offer nuanced study of politics in the Middle East. Foremost scholars on the Middle East examine key themes such as political change, regional rivalry and authoritarianism, making this collection very timely and relevant as an authoritative source. Learn More

Al Jazeera – The Israeli Bombardment of Gaza – Interview

Al Jazeera interviews Prof Shahram Akbarzadeh on the Israeli Bombardment of Gaza. View online