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Rethinking Proxy War Theory in IR: A Critical Analysis of Principal–Agent Theory

MESF’s Abbas Farasoo has had this article recently published in International Studies Review. Read it here.

Afghanistan’s Political Settlement Puzzle: The Impact of the Breakdown of Afghan Political Parties to an Elite Polity System (2001–2021)

MESF researcher Safiullah Taye’s article has been published in Middle East Critique. Read it here.

Instrumentalization of Religious Conspiracy Theories in Politics of Victimhood: Narrative of Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs

Professor Ihsan Yilmaz has co-authored this paper, recently published in religions. Read it here.

Political Mobilisation of Religious, Chauvinist, and Technocratic Populists in Indonesia and Their Activities in Cyberspace

MESF’s Professor Ihsan Yilmaz has co-authored this paper with Professor Greg Barton, recently published in Religions. Read it here.

Why Are Some Pakistanis Celebrating the Taliban Takeover?

Dr Zahid Ahmed has co-authored this article, recently published in The Diplomat. Read it here.

Webinar: Iranian Ways of War: From Cyrus the Great to Qassem Soleimani and Beyond

MESF invites you to this webinar (20/10/21) presented by A/Prof Ahmed Hashim (Deakin University) on his forthcoming book, Iranian Ways of War. Information and registration here.

Religion and Populism in the Global South: Islamist Civilisationism of Pakistan’s Imran Khan

Professor Ihsan Yilmaz has co-authored this open-access paper, recently published in Religions. Read it here.

Crafting displacement: Reconfigurations of heritage among Syrian artisans in Amman

MESF graduate research Sofya Shahab has recently had an article published in the Journal of Material Culture. Read it here.

Interpolating Gazans’ Non-Violence: Responsibilities in the Academy and the Media

MESF’s non-resident member Professor Michelle Pace has co-authored this paper recently published in Partecipazione & Conflitto. Read it here.

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh interview with CNA on the Taliban Interim Government

See the interview here.

Pakistan’s Role in the Future of Afghanistan

MESF’s Dr Zahid Shahab Ahmed has this paper published in the Institute of South Asian Studies, Insights.

Read it here.

MESF is accepting expressions of interest for a PhD project to examine Australia’s foreign policy towards the Middle East

Supervised by Prof. Benjamin Isakhan and Prof. Shahram Akbarzadeh. Click their names for contact details.