Mehr-Alizadeh Visits Tabriz

Mohsen Mehr-Alizadeh made a visit to Tabriz today, the capital of the historic region of Iranian Azerbaijan, in order to appeal to his Azeri-speaking supporter base. He encouraged “the people of Azerbaijan” to vote, appealing to their history of action during the 1906 Constitutional and 1979 Islamic Revolutions. Mehr-Alizadeh advocated for increased use of the Azeri language in accordance with the Constitution and dealing with the drying up of Lake Urmia, two of the largest political issues in Iranian Azerbaijan. Mehr-Alizadeh’s trip to Tabriz was criticised by his opponents, who said that the event was poorly attended.

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Mehr-Alizadeh: Let’s Put Our Differences Aside

Reformist candidate Mohsen Mehr-Alizadeh said that for the country to move forward, all factions need to put their differences aside and think only of the future. Mehr-Alizadeh added that if elected, “I promise to be the president of all Iranians, regardless of any language, religion and thought”. Invoking his religion (Islam), his country (Iran) and his background (Azerbaijani), Mehr-Alizadeh declared “let’s all come together to build Iran for all Iranians”.

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Mehr-Alizadeh on Clubhouse

Reformist candidate Mohsen Mehr-Alizadeh appeared on Clubhouse to outline his plans for government and answer questions. On his government, he promised to increase subsidies for the lowest income earners, and added that he planned to include three women in his cabinet. Mehr-Alizadeh also said that he hoped that Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif would be involved in his administration. Mehr-Alizadeh fielded questions on ethnic issues in Iran, saying that he was “a son of Azerbaijan” and a “son-in-law of Isfahan”, arguing that all Iranians were worried about their country, regardless of ethnic, language or tribal differences. Mehr-Alizadeh also took aim at Ebrahim Raisi, accusing him of being responsible for the 2014 acid attacks in Isfahan.

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Pezeshkian: “I Will Withdraw if Public Opinion Demands It”

Masoud Pezeshkian told a gathering of university students from the Student Basij Organisation that he would withdraw from the election if public opinion demands it, or at the request of the Supreme Leader, but he would not withdraw for factional reasons. Pezeshkian, a Reformist who is popular with some conservative elements of Iranian society (particularly in Iranian Azerbaijan), told the students that he opposes “the view that sees the people as either good or bad. Anyone who works for the growth of this country is a basiji”, adding that his motto was that “knowledge, collectivity and faith are a triangle that moves mountains”. 

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