Kadkhodaei: I Spoke to Amoli Larijani about his Remarks

Spokesperson for the Guardian Council, Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei, mentioned that he had spoken to Guardian Council member Amoli Larijani, the brother of disqualified candidate Ali Larijani, about comments he made regarding the list of candidates. On Tuesday May 25, the day of the announcement of the list of candidates, Amoli Larijani said that the security services had fed the Guardian Council false information in order to pressure them to disqualify candidates, adding that he had never encountered a more “indefensible” decision made by the Council. Kadkhodaei said that he spoke to Amoli Larijani about the need to avoid damage to the Islamic Republic, but added that “ultimately, I am not responsible for his (Amoli Larijani’s) words”.

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Larijani’s Brother Complains of Security Services’ Role in Disqualifications

Sadeq “Amoli” Larijani, a member of the Guardian Council and brother of candidate Ali Larijani, has criticised the influence of security services whose reports were responsible for the disqualification of several candidates. Amoli Larijani said on Twitter “I have never found the decisions of the Guardian Council to be so indefensible… The cause of these disturbances is, to a large extent, the increasing involvement of the security apparatus in making decisions for the Guardian Council through false reports”.

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