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Reem Sweid

Project Title: The Governmentality of ‘Radicalisation’ and its Discontents

Supervision Team: Prof. Shahram Akbarzadeh & Prof. Fethi Mansouri 

Biography: Reem Sweid is Research Associate in social policy at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI), where she works on issues of political violence, multiculturalism and citizenship. Reem has recently submitted her PhD dissertation which explored contemporary policies on preventing radicalisation in Australia and the UK, with a focus on the effects the conceptualisation and approach. Alongside her core research programme, Reem is the founder of Muslim Collective – a grassroots faith-based organisation that promotes human rights and dignity for all. Prior to joining the ADI, Reem worked in social policy research and evaluation for government and universities on a range of subjects from multiculturalism policy to past adoption practices. Reem is a member of the Social Policy Association (UK) and a fellow at the Muslim Institute (UK).