MESF hosted a public panel event on May 23 at which Iran researchers Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh and Dr Dara Conduit discussed the future of the Iran nuclear deal.

The researchers expressed dismay at the US decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal unilaterally, without using the grievance mechanisms built into the deal. They also voiced concerns about the potential ramifications of the withdrawal on both Iranian domestic politics, as well as for the region more broadly. Professor Akbarzadeh noted that the US decision has caused President Hassan Rouhani and his supporters significant embarrassment inside Iran, which could play into the hands of hardliners. Dr Conduit noted that while the emboldening of Iran’s hardliners could lead to an expansion of Iran’s damaging policies across the region, it remained a rational actor and would be careful not to overplay its new hand.

A video recording of the panel will be available online shortly.