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  MESF Seminar

Politics of Grief: Mothers and Protesters

October 25, 2023

Please join us on Wednesday 25 October for a seminar with Dr. Hadeel Abdelhameed.

The scholarship that examines MENA women’s contribution in the 2011- protest movements mainly focused on the revolutionary liberal female figures, obscuring other forms of women activism in the region, including protesting mothers. On the fourth anniversary of the Iraqi Tishreen protest movement, we will talk about our latest co-authored book chapter ‘Mothering the Protest: Gender Performativity as a Communication Mechanism in the Iraqi Protest Movement’. We shift the lens of gender analysis towards Iraqi bereaved mothers-protesters who politicised their private / domestic role in demand for political and judicial reforms. This seminar will be based on feminist security theory, politics of grief, and communication theory to analyse a case study of an Iraqi bereaved mother, Um Muhanned who lost her son during Tishreen 2020.


Dr. Hadeel Abdelhameed
Dr. Hadeel Abdelhameed is a Senior Research Fellow at Monash University/ Educational Development and External Relations. She is an associate researcher at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies/ Middle East Studies, and a non-resident fellow at Lancaster University- Richardson Institute for Peace Studies. Her research interests are about Iraqi gender politics, civil movements, and Iraqi theatre. Currently, she is investigating the developmental nationalism of the former regime of Al-Ba’ath through the aggressive socio-economic developmental plans (1970s-1980s) that focused on the establishment of cultural institutions, including The Iraqi National Theatre. 

Dr. Ghyath Manhal Alkinani

Dr. Ghyath Manhal Alkinani is a senior lecturer at the School of Education/ Al Kufa University- Al Najaf / Iraq. His research interest is about comparative literature specifically trauma theory in postcolonial literary studies. His doctoral research examined the traumatic narrative of veterans in Iraqi and American contemporary novels.


This is an in-person event taking place at the Burwood Corporate Centre (BCC) from 1:30 – 2:30pm.

Please RSVP directly to if attending in person.

If you are unable to join us in person, there is also an option to join via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 842 9680 7895
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