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Arash Ghassemi

Project Title: A Study on Decision Making: Iran’s Strategy for Inland Oil Pipelines That Bypass the Strait of Hormuz

Supervision Team: Dr. Josh Roose, Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh,

Biography: Arash Ghassemi is a PhD Candidate at Deakin University. He holds a BA in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University and an ALM in International Relations from Harvard University. Ghassemi’s research focuses on decision-making, Iran, oil, and the Strait of Hormuz. He is utilizing an adaptation of a theoretical frame used within the work of political scientist Graham T. Allison to analysis and examine the extent, role, significance, strength, and limitations of individual actors, organizations, and political expediency of the system that affect decision-making in Iran regarding construction of the Goreh-Jask oil pipeline.

His research interests, more broadly, include strategic studies, decision-making, governance, Muslim communities, international security, war and peacebuilding.