It is APSA season again and the upcoming 2019 Australian Political Studies Association Conference explores themes around questions of political identity, political change, linked to wider themes of nation and nation-hood.  These questions acknowledge the shifting political landscape of the early 21st century with the rise of populism, new threats to democracy and related challenges.

These issues present wider challenges to the nation-state, and shifting ideas of citizenship and belonging for  states in the Middle East as the presentations attempt to grapple with the underpinning dynamics of political change, but also continuity within the region.

Here are some of the key presentations relating to the politics of the Middle East.

Please confirm detail including room numbers with the APSA website to avoid possible timetable changes. The APSA website can be found here.

Tuesday 24th September 

International Relations: UN, Security, Middle East

4-5.30 pm

Beyond policy domains: Governance architectures as a theoretical framework for understanding challenges facing Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Australia, Michael De Percy.

Agents of the State? Iranian Sponsorship of Foreign Fighters, Samantha Kruber.


Tuesday 24th September

Comparative Politics (1)

4-5.30 pm

Authoritarian power in space, time and exile, Dara Conduit.

Citizenship regimes in the discursive context of settler-colonialism: a comparison of Australia and Turkey, Eda Gunaydin.