Police: We will Suffocate any Sedition

The deputy commander of Iran’s police, Qasem Rezaei, said that they are working towards providing a peaceful environment for the election and are vigilant against any “foreign” attempts to disrupt the elections by inciting the “passions” of the people. Rezaei added that “if any seditionist, regardless of their title or the clothes they wear, wants to disturb the peace of the people, we will suffocate it at its seed”. The term “sedition” has religious connotations and is the general term used to label the 2009 post-election protests.

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Motahari denies Rumours about Qasemi’s Assassination Attempt

Potential candidate Ali Motahari denied that he was planning to sue another potential candidate, Rostom Qasemi, for allegedly manufacturing an assassination attempt in Lebanon on March 24. Rumours of the lawsuit had been circulating online and in the Turkish press for a few days. Motahari said he had no reason to be involved in the issue, and as far as he is concerned, Qasemi is an honest person.

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