Mohsen Hashemi: I Do Not Believe in Two-Term Presidencies

Reformist candidate and son of the late former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mohsen Hashemi, told ISNA that he did not believe in two term presidencies, saying that the project of being re-elected causes Presidents to break their promises rather than fulfilling their program in one term. Hashemi also added that the inefficiency of the Iranian government lies in its incoherent power structure, which allows competing streams to undermine each other. Hashemi said the next government needs to use their term to resolve these inconsistencies and create greater coordination between the different arms of government. 

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Hashemi: Why I Nominated

Senior Reformist candidate Mohsen Hashemi outlined why he nominated for this election in a column in Shargh today. Saying that while his participation exposed him to slander and potentially even violence, Hashemi said it was important that he was competing as Iranians needed the opportunity to chose his approach to reform. Hashemi proposed a reform package with dual social welfare and social justice goals, which he said was geared to the “re-engineering the structure of the Islamic Republic and constitutional reform” alongside preventing “the interference of parallel institutions in the duties of the three legal branches of the country”.

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Mohsen Hashemi’s Conditions for Running

A member of the Executives of Construction Party, a key Reformist group, told IRNA that the son of former President Rafsanjani, Mohsen Hashemi, has two conditions for running for president: a guarantee that the Guardian Council will approve his candidacy, and united support from all Reformist factions. Both conditions seem unlikely to be confirmed. Hashemi’s sister, Faezeh Hashemi, had also raised the prospect of running although she recently said she will not participate.

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