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The Gulf Studies Center, Qatar University and The Middle East Studies Forum
invites you to the joint webinar
‘Iran’s Thirteenth Presidential Elections: Regional and International Implications’

with Professor Mehran Kamrava (Georgetown University), Dr Sanam Vakil (Chatham House), Dr Nikolay Kozhanov (Qatar University) and Dr Luciano Zaccara (Qatar University)

Moderated by: Dr Mahjoob Zweiri and Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh

Iran’s political structure is a mix of unelected and elected positions. This places significant limitations on the authority of the popularly elected president. While, the Supreme Leader is the head of state and sets the parameters of state policies, the president could have significant clout to negotiate, build consensus, and carry the leadership on policy change. With the 8th president after the revolution elected in June 2021, Iran could be on the verge of policy shifts. Iran is tackling several crises mostly due to its pariah status and international isolation. US sanctions have crippled the economy resulting in three consecutive years of recession and skyrocketing inflation. The lingering Covid-19 pandemic has claimed more than 75,000 lives, disrupting the livelihood of millions and exacerbated the effects of the sanctions. To make matters worse, Iran’s interventionist behaviour in Iraq and Syria has left it with very few friends in its neighbourhood. The new president faces major challenges in the domestic and international arena.

Key questions:

  • How may the new president in Iran change its foreign policy?
  • How will the new president approach the United States and talks on Iran’s nuclear program?
  • To what extent may the new president engage in normalization of ties with Saudi Arabia? 
  • How the new leadership impact regional security dynamics?

You can access the webinar flyer here.

28 June 2021
Melbourne/Sydney: 8-10pm 
Doha: 1-3pm
London: 11am-1pm

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