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Intersections of Art, Literature, and Culture in the Middle East

October, 2024

The Middle East stands as a vibrant tapestry of rich history, dynamic cultural expressions, and diverse yet nuanced narratives. In the past decade, in response to the sociopolitical, economic, and military dynamics in the region, art, literature, and culture have become a focal point for understanding the contemporary identity of the Middle East. This conference aims to delve into the multifaceted dimensions of the region’s cultural landscape, offering a platform for scholars, artists, and enthusiasts to engage in critical dialogues and explorations.



Artistic Expression and Social Commentary: Investigating how artists navigate social and political realities through their work, examining themes of identity, resistance, and socio-cultural dynamics.

Literature as Reflection: Exploring the role of literature in shaping perceptions of the Middle East, analysing contemporary literary movements, and their resonance within and beyond borders.

Culture and Innovation: Examining the tension between preserving the rich cultural heritage of the region and embracing modernity, highlighting innovative approaches to traditional art forms and cultural practices – particularly focusing on intergenerational dynamics.

Global Influences and Local Narratives: Investigating the impact of globalization and diaspora on art, literature, and culture, and how creators negotiate between global trends and local contexts.



The conference will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, academic paper presentations, art exhibitions, and literary readings. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with leading scholars, artists, and cultural figures, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration.

This in-person conference is open to scholars, researchers, artists, writers, students, experts, and anyone with an interest in Middle Eastern art, literature, and culture. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where diverse voices and perspectives are valued and encouraged to actively participate in the dialogue and cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas.

By fostering dialogue and collaboration, this conference aims to deepen understanding and knowledge in the region while fostering connections between scholars, artists, and enthusiasts. It seeks to contribute to a nuanced portrayal of the cultural landscape of the Middle East and its global significance.

The conference committee welcome submissions on the conference theme. Allocated presentation time will be 15 minutes. Submissions close on 20 August 2024. Submissions are accepted in English, French, Arabic and Farsi and interpretation will be available during the conference.


Please email your abstracts to the conference committee at For inquiries and please contact the conference committee at the Middle East Studies Forum.