PhD Candidate Sara Cheikh attends Activism 2020 Conference

On Feb. 10 MESF PhD candidate Sara Cheikh attended the Activism 2020 conference hosted by RMIT in Melbourne.

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PhD Candidate Safiullah Taye presents at the 2020 Development Studies Association Australia Conference

On Feb. 6 MESF PhD candidate Safiullah Taye presented his research findings at the 2020 Development Studies Association Australia in Melbourne.  His presentation was an outstanding success.

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Rap and Mizoued Music: Claiming a Space for Dissent and Protest in Post-Arab Spring Tunisia

On Feb. 2 Dr. Zouhir Gabsi published new research on the use of rap and Mizoued music as a means of escapism from the political and socio-economic conditions in Tunisia. See link here.

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Shahram Akbarzadeh

Prof. Shahram Akbarzadeh interviewed on TRTWorld

On Jan. 27 Prof. Akbarzadeh was interviewed on TRT World in relation to the recent attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad. Link here.

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The Islamic State’s destruction of Yezidi heritage: Responses, resilience and reconstruction after genocide

New research has been published by A/Prof. Ben Isakhan and Sofya Shahab in the Journal of Social Archaeology. Link to article here.

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Far From A Rallying Cry, Death Of Divisive Soleimani Foreshadows Iran’s Decline

On Jan. 18 Dr. Ali Mozaffari published his take on the targeted assassination of Soleimani in Iran. Link to full article here.

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Dr Zahid Shahab Ahmed contributes to UNDP Report

On Jan. 15 Dr. Zahid Shahab Ahmed’s contributed to the UNDP report ‘The Peace-Development Nexus’ with analysis on the correlation between peace and sustainable development. Further details here.

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Prof. Akbarzadeh interviewed by ABC News

On Jan. 8 Prof. Shahram Akbarzadeh was interviewed on ABC News. Link to interview here.

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Der Mugrdechian SAS Outstanding Book Award 2018-19 Honorable Mention

In late 2019 Dr. James Barry was awarded an honorable mention for his book, ‘Armenian Christians in Iran’. Details here.

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Book Review: The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Recently, Dr. Dara Conduit’s new book titled ‘The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria’ was favorably reviewed in International Affairs. Full link here.



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