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    • David Tittensor: ‘Secrecy and Hierarchy within the Gülen movement and the Question of Academic Responsibility’ In M. Hakan Yavyz & Bayram Balci (eds) Turkey’s July 15th coup: What Happened and Why? (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press). Forthcoming 2018.
    • Ihsan Yilmaz (2018): ‘Nation Building, Islamic Law and Unofficial Legal Pluralism: The Cases of Turkey and Pakistan,’ In Norbert Oberauer, Yvonne Prief, Ulrike Qubaja (eds) Legal Pluralism in Muslim Context, Leiden: Brill.
    • Ihsan Yilmaz, Ozcan Keles and Ismail Mesut Sezgin (2018): ‘Tackling the Twin Threats of Islamophobia and Islamist Extremism: Case Study of the Hizmet Movement’ In John L. Esposito and Derya Iner, Crosspollination of Radicalisation and Islamophobia, New York: Palgrave. 2018.