Afghanistan: Politics and Economics in a Globalising State

On Dec. 17 Dr. Nimatullah Ibrahimi and Prof. William Maley published their new book Afghanistan: Politics and Economics in a Globalising State, published by Routledge. Congratulations to you both!

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MESF PhD candidate Sara Cheikh Husain presents at the 2019 TASA conference

Congratulations to our own PhD candidate Sara Cheikh Husain who recently presented at The Australian Sociological Association conference on the Conceptualisation of Anti-Islamophobia Activism of Muslim Community Organisations using Strong Structuration Theory.

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Dr. Niamat Ibrahimi presents at the 2019 Afghan-Australian Conference

On Dec. 7 Dr. Niamat Ibrahimi presented at the Association of Australian Tertiary Students from Afghanistan 2019 Afghan-Australian Conference on trends in Afghan migration and issues facing the diaspora.

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Transactionalism in International Relations: Turkey’s Relations With The European Union

On Dec. 5 Prof. Ihsan Yilmaz and PhD candidate Galib Bashirov published a brief on the current dynamics in the relationship between Turkey and the EU.  See full article here.

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A/Prof. Benjamin Isakhan receives funding from ARC Discovery Project round!

Many congratulations to A/Prof Benjamin Isakhan, whom together with Stanford University’s Professor Lynn Meskell, won funding from the prestigious ARC Discovery Project 2020 round. In their project A/Prof. Isakhan and Prof. Meskell will lead a Discovery Project titled ‘After Islamic

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Afghanistan’s suffering has reached unprecedented levels. Can a presidential election make things better?

On Sept. 27 MESF Ph.D candidate Safiullah Taye and Dr. Niamatullah Ibrahimi provided an assessment of the upcoming elections in Afghanistan on The Conversation. Many of these challenges remain today. Link to article here.

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New research on ‘Iran’s Asianisation Strategy’

Prof. Anoush Ehteshami has recently published new research examining the push and pull factors shaping the Iranian political stance in ‘Iran’s Asianisation Strategy’ in Iran Looking East: An Alternative to the EU? Report can be accessed here.

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MESF scholars’ article makes The Conversation’s top 5 articles Deakin-wide!

MESF scholars Professors Ihsan Yilmaz and Fethi Mansouri’s recent article published on The Conversation has made the top-five list for most read articles for Deakin in November! Link to this popular paper here.

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Heritage Movements in Asia: Cultural Heritage Activism, Politics, and Identity

Warm congratulations to our Dr. Ali Mozaffari who has published a new co-edited book, Heritage Movements in Asia: Cultural Heritage Activism, Politics, and Identity. The volume is available for purchase here.

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