Launch of “Armenian Christians in Iran”

On Nov. 28 Dr. James Barry launched his new book “Armenian Christians in Iran” with introductions by prominent religious members of the Armenian community and MESF’s own Dr. Ali Mozaffari. Many congratulations!

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Dr. David Tittensor presents at the 2019 American Academy of Religion Meeting

On Nov. 26 MESF scholar Dr. Tittensor presented at the 2019 AAR Meeting in San Diego, with a paper titled “Counter Terrorism as “Performance” and the Muslim Bogey Man in Australia”.

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Shahram Akbarzadeh

Prof. Shahram Akbarzadeh wins Deakin Arts & Ed. Research Award

On Nov. 25 Prof. Akbarzadeh received the prestigious Deakin Arts & Education Research Award for International Research Collaboration! Many congratulations!

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Not Dead but Sleeping, the Diverse Ramifications of Ceasefires in Civil Wars: Evidence from Syria

On Oct. 16 MESF held the much-anticipate ‘Not Dead but Sleeping, the Diverse Ramifications of Ceasefires in Civil Wars: Evidence from Syria’ seminar presented by Marika Sosnowski.  The live stream is available here.

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PhD candidate Arif Saba presents at the UQ IR Theory Forum

Recently, PhD candidate Arif Saba presented at the University Queensland 2019 IR Theory Forum.

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MESF Ph.D candidate Abbas Farasoo presents at the CAIS Conference 2019

Recently, MESF Ph.D candidate Abbas Farasoo presented at the annual CAIS 2019 Conference. Abbas examined US-Pakistan relations in the context of the War on Terror. Link to Abbas’ research can be found here.


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‘Authoritarianism Populism and Islam’

At the recent ‘After Liberalism? Populism and the Future of Democracy’ conference, MESF members presented a panel titled ‘Authoritarianism Populism and Islam’.  For full conference run down see link.

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Dr. James Barry interviewed by SBS Armenian

On Nov. 20 Dr. James Barry was interviewed by Vahe Kateb from SBS Armenian and discussed his research on diaspora and his upcoming book ‘Armenian Christians in Iran’. Link here.

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Dr. Dara Conduit interviewed by SEPADPod

On Nov. 21 Dr. Dara Conduit was interviewed by Dr. Simon Mabon from SEPADPod to discuss her new book ‘The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria’. Link to interview here.

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Dr. Niamat Ibrahimi interviewed by ABC the World Today

On Nov. 20 Dr. Niamat Ibrahimi was interviewed on the ABC the World Today, discussing recent events around the Taliban prisoner swap. Full link here.

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