Iran’s leader is losing his grasp on power. Does this mean diplomacy is doomed?

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh examines Iran’s claims to start dismantling the nuclear accord on The Conversation.  Link here.


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Prof. Akbarzadeh interviewed on RN Drive

ICYMI: Professor Akbarzadeh was interviewed on RN Drive where he discussed rising tension in the UK-Iranian relations and internal pressures facing Iran.  Full interview here

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Prof. Akbarzadeh discusses key Middle East topics on SEPAD Podcast

Prof. Shahram Akbarzadeh discusses a variety of topics including the Iranian revolution, Islam and claims to legitimacy and sectarianism and more. Catch full interview here


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The language of hip hop and rap in Tunisia: socio-cultural mirror, authenticity tool, and herald of change

Dr. Zouhir Gabsi published a new paper in The Journal of North African Studies.  Read full article here

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Prof Mansouri presents at the Tunis Process for Intercultural Dialogue

Recently Professor Fethi Mansouri gave a plenary paper on Islam and Europe at the Tunis Process for Intercultural Dialogue. Link here.

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Dr. Ahmed leads discussion on preventing violent extremism through education

Dr. Zahid Shahab Ahmed presented at the National Defense University of Pakistan as part of the 2nd international peace symposium. See link here.

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The ‘deal of the century’ as a deliberate deception, writes Dr. Ibrahim Fraihat

MESF network member Dr. Ibrahim Fraihat published new analysis on Al Jazeera on Jared Kushner’s proposed plans at the Bahrain Workshop. See the article here

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Abbas Farasoo offers thoughts on ‘Proxy War: The Least Bad Option’

MESF Ph.D candidate Abbas Farasoo has reviewed Tyrone L. Groh’s recent publication Proxy War: The Least Bad Option in Farsi language.  Full details here

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