The Afghan government should not be sidelined in peace talks

PhD candidate Safiullah Taye published a new article on the Geneva Ministerial Conference on Afghanistan on Al Jazeera. 

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Dilemmas in Afghanistan’s paradoxical peace drama

MESF PhD candidate Abbas Farasoo has published a new piece in the Lowy Institute Interpreter on the recent situation in Afghanistan. Read it here.

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Safiullah Taye interviewed by Al Jazeera

MESF PhD candidate Safiullah Taye attended the 2018 United Nations Ministerial conference on Afghanistan in Geneva last week and was interviewed by Al Jazeera. Read it here.

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How to Interpret ISIS’s Heritage Destruction

A/Prof Ben Isakhan published a new paper in Current History examining the motivations behind ISIS’s extensive destruction of cultural heritage sites. Read it here.

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Afghanistan: The Hazaras are not safe

MESF’s Dr Niamat Ibrahimi has published new writing with Prof William Maley in The Interpreter on the recent Taliban campaign in Afghanistan. Read it here.

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Dr Niamatullah Ibrahimi interviewed by Al Jazeera

MESF’s Dr Niamat Ibrahimi was interviewed by Al Jazeera on the recent targeted violence against the Hazara community in Afghanistan. Read it here.

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