The long game: Five years of simulating the Middle East

New paper by Dr Mat Hardy and A/Prof Sally Totman on their ground-breaking in-class simulations in the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. Read here.

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Deakin students return from 2016 Middle East Studies Tour

In November 2016 Dr Mat Hardy and A/Prof Sally Totman Marshall took 24 undergraduates majoring in Middle East Studies to Jordan and Qatar. Read more.

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Women and Iran’s elections: ‘This is not the atmosphere for change’

New work by Dr Rebecca Barlow in the Lowy Institute’s The Interpreter on women in Iran’s upcoming elections. Read the piece here.

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Deakin Arabic students return from Oman

A/Prof Hakeem Kasem led 30 Arabic In-country Program students to Oman for classes at Sultan Qaboos College for Teaching Arabic to Non-native Speakers from Nov 2016 to Jan 2017.

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Iran reaps the benefits, as US and Saudi Flounder in ME

New piece by Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh published on Informed Comment. Read here

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